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Group training in Hovås

100m² Eleiko Gym

In our evaluation, we look at your full medical history and whole body analysis.

Treatment clinic

With white and Infra red light in sauna combined with traditional steam.

Technology Recovery Area

With a specific fitness program and recommendation for further treatment.

Class Schedule

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Frequently asked questions about Webster Body Therapy Personal Training.


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How a personal trainer can help you?

Our personal trainers aim to create tailor-made training programs adapted to your specific goals and needs. By offering expertise in exercise technique and form, they help minimize risk of injury and to maximize your results. Our personal trainers act as a supporting force  holding you accountable and inspiring you to reach your health goals. 

Who can train with a personal trainer?

Everyone can train with a personal trainer. Whether you have specific goals you want to achieve or not, your personal trainer can
your personal trainer can create a plan that suits you and gives you the motivation and desire to exercise.

How long is a training session with a personal trainer?

Our training sessions are allocated 60 minutes, including analysis and tuning as well as mobility and training based on your needs. After the session, you also have the option for 15 minutes in our recovery area.

Can I change at the gym?

Yes, we offer all our customers the opportunity to change on site in our changing rooms. We provide lockers as well as towels and hygiene items for your convenience.

What is included in personal training at Webster Training and Treatment?

Training with our personal trainers includes an analysis to determine your needs. We will create tailor-made training sessions based on these needs and your capabilities. Access to the NutritionData diet and exercise portal is included for all our personal training clients. In addition, you have access to our changing rooms with towels and hygiene products from Lernberger Stafsing.

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