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Exclusive gym in Hovås with spa and recovery area

100m² Eleiko Gym

A proper gym with extensive equipment so you can reach your fitness goals

Gym open for members 5-21

Our members get access to our facility with a digital key through Salto KS app

Recovery Area

Get the best from sports technology to recover from your training to increase the healing processes of the body

Gym Memberships

  • Gym Gold

    11 990kr
    Every month
    The ultimate luxury...
    • 12 Personal Training
    • Gym Access
    • Recovery
    • Ice Bath & Sauna
    • Free Workshops & Events
  • Gym Silver

    7 490kr
    Every month
    We will tailor make health & well-being for you, twice weekly
    • 8 Personal Training
    • Gym Access
    • Recovery
    • Ice Bath & Sauna
    • 50% off Workshops & Events
  • Most chosen

    Gym Bronze

    4 490kr
    Every month
    To be guided with your time with us or for a rehabilitation period of life.
    • 4 Personal Training
    • Ice Bath & Sauna
    • Recovery
    • All day 05-21 Gym Access
  • Gym Plus

    2 290kr
    Every month
    Perfect to have some guidence from our Personal Trainers to make a plan just for you.
    • 1 Personal Training
    • Gym Access
    • Recovery
  • Gym Only Member

    Every month
    For those who just need a gym.
    • Gym only access
  • Gym Only with Spa & Recovery Access

    1 499kr
    Every month
    Perfect for those who want to train themselves & want access to - Sauna, Ice & Recovery Technology
    • Gym Access
    • Ice Bath & Sauna
    • Recovery Technology

Speed up your recovery in our Tech Recovery Area

A compliment to the treatments with a unique advantage to use different technologies such as heat & cold, compression and vibration.


It makes up for a complete spectrum of methods to meet your unique needs. 

We Use what the professionals use!

Testimonials from previous clients

"Scott has an extraordinary sense for picking up on details of the body and mind to adapt training accordingly."
"Appreciate the individualized treatment and advice on exercises to prevent problems and ailments."
"Excellent advice on physiotherapy.
Both Scott and Liz are dedicated and really good at what they do."


Frequently asked questions about Webster Body Therapy Memberships and Wellness packages.


Can't find the answer to your question?
Contact us to get a direct answer.

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is a practical approach to treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. It involves skilled techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue manipulation and therapeutic exercises to improve mobility, reduce pain and improve overall function.

How long is a session?

The length of a session varies depending on your condition and treatment plan. Usually our treatments take between
45 - 120 minutes.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that allow for easy movement. Avoid restrictive clothing or excessive jewelry that may interfere with the treatment.

Is manual therapy painful?

Manual therapy techniques are generally gentle and do not cause significant pain. Some discomfort or soreness may be experienced during or after treatment. The therapist communicates with you to ensure your comfort and adjusts the techniques accordingly.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of sessions required depends on various factors, including the nature and severity of the condition, individual response to treatment and compliance with rehabilitation. The therapist will guide the optimal treatment plan based on your specific needs.

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