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If you are an independent professional looking to expand your skillsets and service offerings or an aspiring body therapist looking to jumpstart your career, we offer a range of educational courses and workshops to help you grow.


The Body Therapist education is for persons with general industry experience (e.g., Certified Personal Trainer) and who are looking to deepen their knowledge and service offerings for their customers. The course is 5 months (120 hours) and structured to include theoretical, applied, and independent learning. Learning with us you will gain theoretical and practical perspectives on manual therapy, pain prevention, and strength conditioning. 


As a student, you will be taught by, shadowing, and work with experienced body therapists. You will solidify your foundational knowledge of anatomy and functional movement and develop your knowledge of remedial techniques. At the end of the course, we will also work with you from a business side to help you learn techniques for incorporating remedial therapy within your existing business, marketing the products to new customers, and planning your future growth. As a graduate, you will be certified by Webster Body Therapy and a member of the therapist network to whom we refer our customers.



(Weeks 1-5) Soft Tissue Anatomy

Week 1 - Revision of main muscle groups, attachments, actions, nerve supply

Week 2 - Actions of deeper muscles, agonists & antagonists,

Week 3 - Soft tissue pathology. Role of tendons and ligaments. Location and function of main Joint Tendons and Ligaments

Week 4 - Physiology, composition, and repair of Tendons & Ligaments

Week 5 – Fascia. Physiology, Role, and function


(Weeks 6-11) Manual Techniques Theory & Practice

Week 6 - Swedish Massage Techniques

Week 7 – Trigger points

Week 8 - Fascia Release Techniques

Week 9 - Active & Passive soft tissue release

Week 10 - Neural activation, joint mobility & positioning of muscle 

Week 11 – Common links and patterns


(Weeks 12-17) Training Combination with Manual Therapy.

Week 12 – Weak & Inactive Vs Strong & overactive patterns

Week 13 – Body Analysis with common landmarks

Week 14 – Common dysfunction patterns and connections

Week 15 – Dysfunction corrections

Week 16 – Variables and considerations

Week 17 – Specific training models Weeks

Week 18-20 Revision, Presentations & Exams

For more information please please email or call Scott.

Tel: 0700-31 99 47

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