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Body therapy Education

For independent professionals looking to expand your services to further help your clients. We offer a range of body therapy courses and workshops.

100m² Eleiko Gym

A proper gym with extensive equipment so you can reach your fitness goals

Gym open for members 5-21

Our members get access to our facility with a digital key through Salto KS app

Recovery Area

Get the best from sports technology to recover from your training to increase the healing processes of the body

What the course walks you through


Soft Tissue Anatomy

This course will delve into the fundamental building blocks of our movement system - muscles.


We'll revisit the major muscle groups, their attachments to bones, the actions they produce, and how nerves send signals for them to contract. We'll also explore the role of deeper muscles and how they collaborate (agonists) or oppose (antagonists) movement.


The course will then cover common soft tissue injuries and how our body's connective tissues, tendons and ligaments, play a vital role in joint stability and function.


We'll explore their location in major joints and delve into their physiological composition and how they repair themselves after injury. Finally, the course will explore fascia, a web of connective tissue that permeates our entire body, and discuss its physiological role and function in movement.

Manual Techniques Theory & Practice

You'll master essential strokes of Swedish massage techniques, explore trigger point therapy to address localized muscle tension, and delve into fascia release techniques to improve mobility and range of motion.


The course will differentiate between active and passive assisted stretches to target specific muscle groups.


You'll gain an understanding of how neural activation, joint mobility, and proper muscle positioning all contribute to a successful massage treatment.


Finally, we'll explore common patterns and interconnectedness within the body, allowing you to tailor your massage approach for optimal results.

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Training Combined with Manual Therapy

You'll be equipped with the skills to assess and address movement dysfunction.

We'll begin by exploring the difference between weak and inactive muscle patterns versus strong and overactive ones.


Learn how to perform a body analysis using common anatomical landmarks for efficient movement assessment.


We'll delve into common movement dysfunction patterns and the interconnectedness of various muscle groups.


The course will then cover strategies for correcting these dysfunctions and improving movement quality.


We'll also discuss important variables and considerations when designing corrective exercise programs.


Finally, the course will provide you with specific training models along with a structured weekly breakdown to help you implement the learned strategies.

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