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Scott Webster behandlar med manuell terapi

Get relief from your pain within your first visits

At Webster Body Therapy we provide treatment, knowledge and tools to alleviate your pain. Whether your injury is new, chronic or intermittent.

Most common pain points we help our clients with





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Always free free to call or email for help in navigating which service is best for you. We also have a free 30minute initial consultation

Scott Webster manuell terapeut

Scott Webster - manual therapist

Liz Francis massageterapi

Liz Francis - massage therapist

Our Personal Trainers

How Manual Therapy works at relieving long lasting pain in our clients

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At Webster Body Therapy, we use a comprehensive approach of manual therapy, training, specilized memberships, coaching, diet and technology to treat your body pain. Using practical methods, our therapists relieve your pain so you can regain control of your body again.

Manual therapy

Nutritional Diet

Lifestyle Coaching

Gym Memberships

Personal Training

Recovery Technology

How we treat & look after you at Webster Body Therapy

1. Evaluation

A comprehensive whole-body analysis, to determine the causes of your pain.

2. Treatment

We use a variety of techniques to best relieve your pain.

3. Program

To keep your pain away we develop a training program specialized for you.

4. Enjoy life

Enjoy life at its fullest without the pain limiting you from getting the most out of your life.

The team behind
Webster Body Therapy

Become free from your pain and take back your life

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