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Relieve long lasting pain with manual therapy

At Webster Body Therapy, we use manual therapy to treat your body pain. Using practical methods, our therapists relieve your pain and help you regain control of your body.

Most common pain points we help our clients with

Whether your injury is new, chronic or intermittent, we provide treatment, knowledge and tools to
help you alleviate and manage it.

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We relieve your pain with manual therapy

Our manual therapy techniques help you to live a pain-free life. With our skilled therapists, you can experience relief after just a few visits.

Ease the pain

Our manual therapy techniques are tailored to provide long-term relief.

Avoid recurring pain

Regain control of your body with personalized training that keeps the pain away.


How a treatment works

Our manual therapy techniques are designed to help you get rid of your pain after just a few visits.

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1. Evaluation


Our therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment, a whole-body analysis, to determine the causes of your pain.

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2. Treatment.


We use a variety of techniques such as massage and fascia manipulation to relieve your pain.


3. Program


After your pain has subsided, we develop a training program for you to keep the pain away for good.

The team behind Webster Body Therapy.

Become free from your pain and take back your life

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