Scott Webster


Hi! Im Scott Webster and I moved from Australia to Sweden in early 2015.


I have now set up life in Gothenburg. After travelling for many years and working around the world, I decided Body Therapy and sports were more than a passion – a career. I studied a Diploma of Remedial Therapy in Newcastle, Australia. Following my studies, I have performed work with:


  • The Newcastle Jets Football Club (Australia A-League)

  • Newcastle Knights Rugby League under 21’s (National Rugby League)

  • LSF Water Polo Club Linköping (Swedish National Champions)

  • Ironman Triathlon Series of Sweden

  • Kungsbacka City Football Club 

Currently, I work out of my studio in West Coast Elite Peformance Centre in Mölndal, Gothenburg, performing work on many of their professional trainers and members. Other specialties include:


  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation

  • Shoulder impingement’s and stabilisation

  • Locked Hips and Saccroilliac Joint issues (lower back pain)

  • Runners Knee

  • Headaches and Neck pain


With a diverse sporting background and achieving High Distinction in anatomy and physiology courses, I have a unique and in-depth understanding of the human body. I believe in combining manual therapy with strength training and other disciplines such as natrapathy, osteopathy, chiropractics and personal training. 


My education has continues with specialist course in feet, pregnancy, thoracic rings and dry needling techniques. Additionally, my passion for education has brought me to form a X-Discipline Body Therapists group which meets regularly to discuss new theories, techniques and to gain insight to how different therapist approach a body issue – if you are a therapist or student and would like to join, please sent me an email.

I still have a great passion for training, Australian Rules Football and continuous study within sports sciences and nutrition. This is integral for me as the pressures your body feels is what I need to feel to understand you the best.

Liz Francis

I have 25 years experience in the Sport and Leisure Industry, working with Clubs, Athletes and the Community.


My love of all sports took me down this path, especially Hockey, Running, Skiing and Cani-fit (running with my dog). This, combined with my love of the public drove me to help people enjoy a lifelong involvement in Sport.  Laterly I trained in Swedish Massage and Sports and Remedial Therapy to keep people active and help them do what they love pain free.

Whether you are an athlete with an injury or someone who is experiencing pain from day to day I am committed to helping you with your recovery to enable you to get back to work or your sport.

I work with people like you to reduce pain, increase range of movement, restore balance, and reduce the risk of re-injury.  I use techniques such as myofascial stripping, trigger point therapy and joint mobilisation to treat clients.

Do you have:

  • Hip pain?

  • Repetitive strain injury?

  • Back pain?

  •  A Sports injury?

  • Shoulder and neck pain?

  • Chronic pain?

If so, massage can help with increased blood flow, breakdown scar tissue, lengthen shortened muscles, reduce swelling, help heal injuries properly and it can help you get back to work or your sport quicker.  Not to mention a reduction in stress and anxiety too.  I would rather you gave me a call for a chat to see if I can help you, rather than you suffer in silence