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Meet Gustav

Gustav has extensive sports experience, including playing field hockey for the Swedish national team, climbing and running mountain marathons. He has a great interest in functional training and strength sports.

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About Gustav

Gustav is a science nerd, which you will notice in his result-oriented approach to training. Whether the client has aesthetic goals, wants to get stronger for a specific sport or improve their biomarkers,

Gustav will focus on the methods that produce measurable results. 


His philosophy is to help the client regain youthful movement patterns, posture and body control. He focuses on weight training in the muscles and the full range of motion of the joints.


Modern research has shown that this method is very effective in improving mobility and strength and laying the foundation for a long and healthy life.


Gustav is a food entrepreneur, including co-founding Gothenburg's healthiest fast food restaurant Togogo. His lifelong interest in health and exercise led him to become a personal trainer in 2023.


2022 - 2023

Licensed Personal Trainer & Nutritionist - The Academy

The education focused on guiding people to build a strong body through exercise and nutrition.

Start your journey with Gustav to build a strong body free from pain.

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