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Webster Treatment & Training Centre
Friskvårds packages

100m² Eleiko Gym

A proper gym with extensive equipment so you can reach your fitness goals.

Treatment clinic

With white and Infra red light in sauna combined with traditional steam.

Relax & Recovery Area

Promote your recovery from DOMS &/or relaxation to increase the natural healing processes of the body. 

Easy payment with epassi

  • Frsikvård - Anti Stress

    3 000kr
    Perfect for you who needs a break to recover your energy.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 x Massages
    • 3x Recovery Tech Sessions
    • Rehab Program
  • Friskvård - Training

    3 000kr
    Perfect for you who wants to build up your strength.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 x Personal Training
    • 3x Recovery Tech Sessions
    • Rehab Program
  • Friskvård - Combo

    3 000kr
    For you who needs a restart to recover and get back to training.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 2 x Massage
    • Rehab Program
    • 1 x Personal Training
    • 3 x Recovery Tech Sessions

Treatment clinic with sauna, infra-red & traditional ice bath

We use technologies such as Infra red light in sauna combined with Traditional steam to target different aspect of physical recovery & inflammation processes.

Avantopool Ice Bath - in order to release the power of our ‘Brown fat mitochondria’ which best helps regulate our heat, lose weight, better hormone balance and boost your immune systems.


Testimonials from previous clients

"Scott has an extraordinary sense for picking up on details of the body and mind to adapt training accordingly."
"Appreciate the individualized treatment and advice on exercises to prevent problems and ailments."
"Excellent advice on physiotherapy.
Both Scott and Liz are dedicated and really good at what they do."

Get a quicker recovery with our Recovery Area

A compliment to the treatments with a unique advantage to use different technologies such as heat & cold, compression and vibration.


It makes up for a complete spectrum of methods to meet your unique needs. 

We Use what the professionals use!

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