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Meet our personal trainer Daniel

Daniel is a health pedagogue who has been working with lifestyle change since graduating from the University of Gothenburg in 2015.

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Isak N.

Due to quite a heavy workload and unhealthy fast food, I was stressed out almost every day. 
I realized that I needed a change, but I felt that my knowledge in both training and diet was quite poor.
That was until I started training with Daniel. After my first gym session, I didn't want to come back. Now, 4.5 months later I'm in the best shape of the last ten years and I long for the next training session. The results even came faster than I thought, I've lost 13 kg and am physically and mentally stronger, but the best part is that I deal with stress so much better.

About Daniel

Daniel is a health pedagogue who has been working with lifestyle change since graduating from the University of Gothenburg in 2015. Using a combination of personal training, coaching and nutritional advice, he helps his clients set and achieve their health goals, whether it's getting stronger, losing weight or becoming pain-free.

A long-term lifestyle change with a strong body that lasts over time. A stable weight instead of gaining weight. A lively and active everyday life without a sore body. This is what my clients experience as results.

I do this through a combination of personal training, dietary advice and coaching sessions. Together we set a goal based on your conditions and give you the right tools to achieve them. It does not matter if you are already active and want to take the next step or if you are at zero and want to get started!

As a health educator, I have helped hundreds of people with their lifestyle change since 2015 and now I want to help you.



2012 - 2015

Bachelor's in Health Promotion, specializing in Nutritional Sciences

Three-year Master's degree at the University of Gothenburg.

The education focuses on guiding people to a balance in the wheel of life to create strong and sustainable health.


Internationally licensed personal trainer - 21st Century PT School

One of Sweden's oldest and most validated programs for personal trainers. Focus on functional training adapted to the customer's needs.


Strong through menopause certified

Education via Monica Bjrön on how to best guide women before, during and after menopause.


IKFF Kettlebell

Trained by Steve Cotter at the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation.


Eleiko strength

Several training courses with industry leader Eleiko in crossfit, Olympic lifting and functional training.

Experience the benefits of Daniel's personal training to keep your pain away.

Daniel's methods for achieving a stronger body are based on the balance between diet, exercise and rest. For many, personal training is the push that allows them to find their weight, maintain it and learn to have fun along the way.

Build a strong body

Based on your goals, limitations and conditions, Daniel creates an exercise routine that is perfect for you and creates a balance in your life.

Avoid recurring pain

Take back control of your body with personalized training that empowers you to keep the pain away.


Testimonials from Daniel's PT clients

Carola K.
Daniel is very competent and knowledgeable in training, health, lifestyle and diet. I've had Daniel as a personal trainer for a long time and finding a good balance in life has been a major focus, which he conveys in an excellent way with clear communication and credibility.

Anna D.

had the privilege of having Daniel as a PT for a period of time and it is one of the best investments I've made. In addition to helping me make friends with the gym and my body, I gained knowledge about everything from diet to the importance of mental attitude. A holistic approach to health, a smarter lifestyle and fun along the way!

Ann-Kristin H.

By understanding my goals, limitations and conditions, Daniel has managed to create an exercise routine that is perfect for me. He has supported me through every step and has constantly adapted the training to keep it both challenging and rewarding. Daniel is not only knowledgeable about exercise, but also shares his proven knowledge about diet and lifestyle changes, which has been crucial to my overall health.

Start your journey to build a strong body with Daniels personal training

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