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Meet Paulina

Paulina specializes in wellness therapy and approaches her clients with a holistic view.


Füsun A.

I was a bit sceptical at first to try those sessions, but only after the 3rd session (hypnosis) I felt a change! I feel light and more easy going, no anxiety. I learned how to reconnect with my inner self and to be in the present. I really look forward for more sessions with Paulina. She's a very calm, down to earth, friendly person who is easy to connect with.

About Paulina

Paulina specializes in wellness therapy and approaches her clients with a holistic view. Life coaching combined with Massage, Sound & Vibration, and Reiki are the techniques used to bring the client to a comfortable and relaxed state of mind and body.


Paulina is helping clients to alleviate stress, build a harmonious body, mind & soul connection and relax deeply.


2015 - 2016

SWPS Poznań Postgraduate studies Coaching

2018 - 2019

The School of Consciousness, Lublin Poland

Masseur - Anemonen SPA School, Göteborg

Sound therapist - Tune and Heal Academy Warsaw

Hypnotherapy - Academy of Hypnotherapy, Warsaw Poland

Experience the benefits of Paulina's personal training to keep your pain

Daniel's methods for achieving a stronger body are based on the balance between diet, exercise and rest. For many, personal training is the push that allows them to find their weight, maintain it and learn to have fun along the way.

Build a sound body

Based on your goals, limitations and conditions, Daniel creates an exercise routine that is perfect for you and creates a balance in your life.

Avoid recurring pain

Take back control of your body with personalized training that empowers you to keep the pain away.


Testimonials from Paulina's wellness clients

Per A..png

Per A.

They talk about spirit, body and soul.... Now I have been to Paulina several times and she really takes care of the trinity in the best way. A low frequency begins the journey with resonance therapy which then moves towards higher frequencies. Thank you Paulina, you are an amazing person leading the journey in the world of resonance.

Thomas G..png

Thomas G.

Paulina is fantastically talented. You become like a new person :-)

Evangelia P.

Paulina is a genuinely good masseuse and very professional. I went in for an hour massage half a wreck and i came out feeling relaxed and peaceful. Highly recommend.

Start your journey to build a strong body free from pain.

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