Pain prevention- Exercise to consolidate corrections from manual therapy.


Understanding the causes of pain is critical to protecting against it. Our comprehensive approach to pain prevention combines on-site strength training with our trainers and at-home tracking tools that empower you to accelerate your recovery and manage your pain ok. 


Building around your injury our specialized therapists create a strength training program that identifies areas of weakness and strengthens the muscle, tissues, and fascia that surround them. We use personal exercises and routines to strengthen and lengthen muscles, promote flexibility, and consolidate gains made through manual therapy.


We customize our training programs for your habits, psychology, and goals and design them to incorporate exercises and equipment that you can replicate at home. As our patient, you will have the option to enroll in our Health Management System. You can connect to the system through our mobile app and use it to track your training progress, report new pain, access training programs, and speak with your therapist. The system helps you incorporate pain prevention within your daily routine.