This workshop as designed to cover the small, but important, pieces of information covering the following topics;

  • Stretching

  • Fasica

  • Foot Correction

  • Foam Rolling & Trigger Point Balls


A maximum group of 5 persons will ensure quality and personal attention for the topic to be tailored to your needs. 


Instructions will be given to assist you to find that pain free feeling and have that satisfaction knowing you can do what is best for you. 







BY REQUEST (Kl.13-16, SATURDAYS ONLY), 2500kr per couple

2 couples maximum

Please email Let us know a Saturday that works for you. 

Why not do it with another couple you know. 


Get in touch. Create a connection. 

Discover the basics of neuroscience and our human desire to be and to give touch. 

Learn how to massage and build a deeper relationship with yourself and;

  • Your partner

  • Family member

  • Friends


Since Covid-19 has struck and unleashed the inhumane feeling of isolation and disconnection, we must learn how to get back to the most basic of human instincts. Connection. Why not come and learn how to give and get relief for your daily aches and pains, while learning the neuroscience behind how to build a better relationship with someone you know. 

The course is for 3 hours and begins with a 45 minute lecture on the science behind touch and then 1 hour for each person on a massage table with the other partner learning how to treat and connect with their aches and pains. 

Please read my blog for further insight.