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About this product:

Have you bought a pair of toe separators only to find that they are painful or don't work at all? We are eliminating these issues with not only a fantastic new product but with an adjoining workshop designed solely for the Toe Spacer Kit.

The Toe Spacer Kit comes equipped with three pairs, each with different hardness, so you can carefully progress over time, and have the ability to change the hardness depending on the activity you are engaged in. The included workshop allows you to prepare for The Toe Spacers through exercises. You will be guided through exercises to perform before using your Toe Spacers, how to use them, adjust & even modify if need be. You will be presented with a programme based on your particular foot type also.

*Please note, the workshop is only included with the Toe Spacer Kit & not with single Toe Spacer purchases. 

What will I get? 

  • 1X Toe Spacer set for initial use
  • 1X Toe Spacer set for the next stage of wearing 
  • 1X Toe Spacer set for final stage of wearing
  • Carry case & instruction card (not in product photos)
  • Three months access to The Toe Spacer Workshop
  • Access to our instructors & fellow wearers through a chat room

Material use & hardness index:

Toe Spacer 1: Material - SEBS, Hardness - Ultra soft
Toe Spacer 2: Material - SEBS, Hardness - Medium 
Toe Spacer 3: Material - SEBS, Hardness - Hard
Carry Case: 100% recycled cotton with metal zip

Styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene, also known as SEBS, is an important thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which behaves like rubber without undergoing vulcanization. SEBS is strong and flexible, has excellent heat and UV resistance and is non-toxic and safe for skin contact.

Toe Spacer kit

320,00 krPrice
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