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A flexible and lighter massage gun that stimulates the connective tissue, increases blood circulation and releases trigger points. Flowgun Go suits everyone, from the elite athlete to the everyday exerciser. Bag included.

Flowgun Go!


    Flowgun Go is one of the market’s most affordable massage guns. At up to 2800 beats per minute, it releases trigger points, stimulates connective tissue and increases blood circulation. With 5 different vibration levels and 6 different attachments, the treatment can be adapted to your specific needs. Its light weight and discreet sound make Flowgun Go not only powerful but also flexible. It is also easy to use and suits all levels of ambition.



    • Weight: 903 grams
    • 1700-2800 rpm
    • Strikelenght: 10 mm
    • Batterytime: 5 timmar
    • Chargingtime: 3 timmar
    • Noice: 50-60 db
    • Rated power: 45W
    • Power: 100-160W
    • Li-ion Battery: 2500mAh
    • Engine: Brushless 15-160W
    • Input AC 100-240V, 0,8A Max, 50/60Hz – Output: DC 25.2V – 1.0A
    • CE & ROSH