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Manual Therapy & Fascia Manipulation

A hands-on approach to correcting pain.

We tailor our manual therapy approach to your injury and lifestyle. During your treatment sessions, our therapists use combinations of hands-on techniques that include Fascia Manipulation, joint and other soft tissue manipulation, muscle activation, and dry needling.  Additionally we use state of the art unique technologies including, hot and cold therapies, compression, vibration, and  massage aids. 

To support your wellness when you are not physically with us, we provide an APP where you can record you pain levels, draw on a body map specifically where your pain and type of pain is located. We provide the APP so you can use it to monitor your treatments, report new injuries, access training videos we provide. The system empowers you to track your progress and identify pain triggers (physical and psychological); and most of all it helps us to tailor our treatment for each of your visits.

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