Scott Webster

Specilized Treatment and Training Price List: 

(Bookings with Scott)

First-time appointments with Scott Webster: 

We tailor our treatment plan to your condition. When you schedule an appointment with us, your first appointment will include: 

  • Full Medical history 

  • Full body analysis

  • Specific manual therapy treatment 

  • Massage therapy treatment

  • Specific gym program and instruction.

  • Treatement recommendations and instructions on how to use our app to manage your condition. 

First Treatment: 100 -120 minutes.

(with Scott & Liz)

History, analysis , Specilised Treatment & Massage, Gym training & Program.

2 490kr  

3 x Treatment 60 min.

3 400kr

6 x Treatment 60 min.

6 600kr

12 x Treatment 60 min.

12 900kr

Precent card: 90 min.

1 100kr

Liz Francis

Specialized Treatment and Training Price List:

(Bookings with Liz)

Do you have:

  • Hip pain?

  • Repetitive strain injury?

  • Back pain?

  • A Sports injury?

  • Shoulder and neck pain?

  • Chronic pain?

If so, massage can help with increased blood flow, break down scar tissue, lengthen shortened muscles, reduce swelling, help heal injuries properly and it can help you get back to work or your sport quicker.  Not to mention a reduction in stress and anxiety too.  Give me a call to talk about how I can help you, rather than you suffer in silence.

One time treatment:


3 x Treatment 60 min.

2 800kr

6 x Treatment 60 min.

5 400kr

12 x Treatment 60 min.

10 600kr

Precent card: 60 min.



NEW Tec Session

NEW Tech Session: 


Come and use our rehab equipment at our clinic. 

During your regular session, you have probably been introduced to different technologies to assist in your recovery. 

We have now designed a concept where you can make a booking, come along and help yourself! 

We recommend about 45mins to make the most out of it! 

NEW Tec Session 45 min.