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Webster Treatment and Training Centre

Hovås Beach

Opening later this year, 2023, in Hovås, Webster Treatment & Training Centre is a multi-purpose health venue. Our core focus is to offer you a package to specifically designed for your needs that will cover all the areas you will need to function at your best.

We will bring together the personalized treatment of pain and issues with personal training, coaching and guide you through the world of health & wellness.
Our centre includes a 100m2 Gym and a 100m2 Treatment clinic with sauna, infra-red & traditional ice bath, recovery technology.

To sign up for a consultation and memberships, please fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest! 

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Webster Treatment & Training Centre drives to obtain personalized optimum performance in life. We specialize in services with multi-disciplined training & therapy. Your life needs are our main concern and offer a wide range of face-to-face manual therapies, training programs and educational workshops

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A company that strives to get the best physical health out of our clients and to promote a multi-disciplined approach to all types of issues. We take a fun & light-hearted approach to life with simplistic values that adapt to our needs and needs of clients.

Our vision is to create a multi-venue company with expansion through in-house career educations and internships, additionally to have specialty consulting roles within sporting clubs & businesses delivering a professional level standard of performance in training and therapies.

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